New Android Commercial Contains Every Kind Of Handshake You Could Think Of

If you’ve been paying attention to Android news lately then you know that Google has been releasing some pretty out-of-the-box commercials lately. The latest ones involved a bunch of cute animals and people really took a liking to them. Now, today Google has released another new Android commercial that involves something that you wouldn’t really expect, handshakes. 

This new Android commercial released today continues to follow the new Android slogan, “Be together. Not the same.” It shows different types of people working together and giving each other high-fives and handshakes, delivering quite a powerful message. 

This new ad campaign that Google created for Android back in mid 2014 is still going strong and still carries the same message that everybody needs to work together despite their differences. We love this campaign and think that Google has done a great job making the commercials unique yet still powerful. We can’t wait to see the next Android commercials that Google releases. 

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