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The Sprint LG G3 Is Receiving A Lollipop Update Today

The Sprint LG G3 Is Receiving A Lollipop Update Today

Today is a holiday but that didn’t stop Sprint from pushing out a significant software update today. Sprint LG G3 owners today will be receiving an update to Android 5.0 Lollipop, the biggest update to Android to date. This update will add a lot of background changes and even some significant foreground changes that will make the Android experience smoother and capable of much more. 

Some of the changes included in the Lollipop update include Material Design, lockscreen notifications, new emojis, and Android TV support. All of this and much more will be included in the update today.

You know what this means folks, start mashing that “Check for Updates” button in your system settings. At the moment we aren’t sure if this update is a staged rollout or an update that anybody can currently grab. Either way, go hit that button.

Source: Sprint

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