Apple Has Reportedly Ordered Over 5 Million Apple Watches From Suppliers

So far, very few smartwatches have been wildly successful. In fact, the Pebble is probably the only one that can get that honor, and they’ve just barely sold over a million units. With Apple bringing their own watch soon, we know it will be successful, it’s Apple. But I think they might be shooting themselves in the foot just a bit with this one. 

According to The Wall Street Journal, Apple has ordered as many as 6 Million Apple Watch units from suppliers, all to be manufactured during the first quarter. Half of those units are apparently for the entry level model with another third consisting of the mid-range model. For now, Apple is holding back on the high-end 18 Karat Gold model but they are planning to amp up production in April potentially ordering up to one million units. 

We still don’t know all the pricing or details on the Apple Watch yet, but it’s not far away. I never would have guessed that Apple was anticipating this much demand for the product, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens. Are you getting an Apple Watch?

Source: WSJ

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