Google Is Reportedly Planning To Build A New HQ And Mountain View Isn’t Happy About It

The New York Times is currently reporting that Google is planning to build a new headquarters in Mountain View, California. This new larger HQ would allow for more employees to work at HQ and while you would think the city of Mountain View would be happy to get more residents in their area, but that isn’t the case.

Mountain View has a population right now of around 75,000. 20,000 of those residents work for Google. Now the fact that Google is building a new HQ isn’t really the problem here. It will likely be an incredible feat of engineering and architecture. The city is simply concerned that they can’t support any more people heading to work there. Google has brought Mountain View huge amounts of tax dollars, skyrocketing home prices, a super low 3.3% unemployment rate, and horrible gridlock.

The roads in Mountain View just can’t handle anymore people. Highway 101, located near Google is a disaster at rush hour and if anymore people come, it’s just going to get worse.
So what do you think? Should Mountain View grow with Google? Or should Google give them a break? Let us know your thoughts.

Source: New York Times

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