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A Significant Update To The BBM App Is Due Tomorrow

A Significant Update To The BBM App Is Due Tomorrow

BlackBerry is refusing to be left out of all the Mobile World Congress news this year, the company has announced an update to the BBM app that will begin rolling out tomorrow. Said update will bring a couple additions to the BBM app along with Android Wear support. 

Let’s go ahead and run through the new features that will be bundled in this update tomorrow. First off is the ability to remove annoying ads from the app by paying BlackBerry $1 per month, something BlackBerry is calling the “No Ads subscription.” Another feature being added is custom PINs. If you don’t use BBM then chances are that you have no idea what a BBM PIN is but don’t worry, that’s what we’re here for. A BBM PIN is basically a username that you share with other BBM users so that they can message you through the service, simple. The only problem with this is that the PIN is always some random assortment of numbers and letters, not something users typically prefer. Custom PINs aim to fix that, or at least improve upon it by allowing users who pay a fee of $1.99 per month to customize their personal PIN. 

Continuing on to features that aren’t obvious BlackBerry money grabs, we have the addition of photo sharing in group chats. This feature is pretty self-explanatory, after the update users will be allowed to share photos with each other in group chats.  Next up we have security improvements that will be made to BBM on iOS. More specifically, iOS users will be able to use TouchID to protect their BBM chats. Then we have the biggest addition to the BBM app, Android Wear support. Yes, that’s right folks, the update tomorrow will bring Android Wear support allowing you to receive your BBM messages on your Android Wear device. You will even be capable of replying to received BBM messages from your wrist as well. 

This update to the BBM app will be hitting BlackBerry and Android devices tomorrow, iOS “soon.” If you use the app, you should be waiting with baited breath for this update tomorrow. 

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