Android Pay Is Google’s Upcoming Mobile Payments Framework Confirms Sundar Pichai

Google is taking mobile payments more seriously than ever, and Sundar Pichai has just confirmed that they are taking massive leap forward in the space. This comes in the form of Android Pay. Android Pay is not an app, but an API that will be used to help developers build mobile payments into their apps.

Android Pay works similar to how Apple Pay works in that it stores card data locally so you can make payments even if you’re offline. Tokenized card numbers will also be used for secure transactions to protect users from attacks against retailers.

Now before you freak out, Google Wallet isn’t going anywhere. It will continue to exist, but it will use Android Pay as a payments source.

Android Pay will work over NFC and at a later date will support security measures such as fingerprint scanning. Now Samsung’s Samsung Pay is something totally different, but Pichai did confirm that they want to try and align the two products by working with Samsung.

At the moment Android Pay has no release date, but I’m 100% sure we’ll hear many many more details at Google I/O 2015 in May. Are you excited for this?

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