IKEA To Start Selling Qi Wireless Charging Enabled Furniture In April 2015

Wireless charging the traditional way has already made us feel like the future is here now, but IKEA wants to take it a step further. The famous furniture maker has designed a collection of tables, lamps, desks and more with Qi wireless charging built right in.

The collection is designed by David Wahl and uses Qi charging since it is the most common standard right now. Any Android device with Qi built in or added after the fact with be able to charge just by being place down in the appropriate spot on the furniture. IKEA also plans to make Qi enabled charging cases available for select smartphones including a few Samsung devices.

The collection will be available starting in April of this year in North America and in Europe. From the looks of it, things will kick off in the UK as pricing has already been announced as starting from £30.

Source: Wireless Power Consortium

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