Not long ago, Sundar Pichai confirmed the existence of Google’s “Project Nova” otherwise known as their own carrier. Fanboys left and right are excited for the upcoming project, but according to the Wall Street Journal the carrier might be exclusive to just one device, the Nexus 6.

This might sound weird or even stupid, but when you really think about it, this makes a lot of sense. This MVNO is not something Google is trying to get the average consumer to use, but simply something to experiment with. The network is going to constantly be transitioning between Sprint, T-Mobile, and WiFi, so it makes complete sense that Google would want to make sure that they can have as much control over the hardware as possible. 

We don’t know any specifics on how Google plans to make this all work, but it really does make sense to use only the Nexus 6 for this. Potentially Google could later add other phones or previous Nexus devices (the Nexus 5 seems like a good fit).

Source: Wall Street Journal