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Apple Finally Talks About the Apple Watch

Apple Finally Talks About the Apple Watch

The Apple watch was officially announced and shown a while back by Apple but we have received virtually no information on what the device would be capable of. Granted Apple did share some information pertaining to the fitness tracking capabilities of the device, this was about it. Thankfully, Apple let us in on the devices secrets this morning on stage. 

The big thing here and the thing that we are sure you are all wondering about is notifications. We have good news here. Tim Cook said on stage that the Apple Watch would be capable of receiving all of the notifications that your iPhone can, meaning that all of your notifications will pop-up on your Apple Watch. Aside from this, the Apple Watch can do all of the typical smartwatch things such as tell you what song is playing or allow you to reply to a text via voice. 

Users will also, not surprisingly, be able to interact with Siri on the Apple Watch. Users can do things like ask her questions and get sports scores. Another cool feature unique to the Apple Watch is the ability to tap your watch display and have your friends watch vibrate. This is done with the idea of getting your friends attention. You will also be able to do the romantic act of sending your significant other your actual heartbeat taken from your Apple Watch. 

Now lets get down to brass-tax, pricing. The lowest-end model, the Apple Watch Sport, will be priced at $349 – $399. The stainless steel Apple Watch will be priced at $549 – $599 with prices that could go as high as $1099 depending on which watch face you choose to pair it with. Then we have the kicker, the 18-karat gold Apple Watch that comes in at a whopping $10,000 and will only be available in select retail stores. 

Pre-orders for the Apple Watch will begin on April 10th. This is also the day that Apple will be putting the devices on display in their Apple stores so customers can go in and try them on and play with them. 

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