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Google Messenger Update Rolling Out Now

Google Messenger Update Rolling Out Now

This has been one of the biggest “update Wednesdays” in awhile that Google has had, pushing out updates to many of their apps, launching a new store, and releasing new hardware. It now continues with an update to Google’s texting app, Google Messenger. The update brings the app up to version 1.2 and brings with it a couple of neat changes.

The first of said changes is GIF support, that’s right folks, GIFs galore! Other than that it looks like Google has reorganized the Settings of the app, in a good way. This reorganization makes it much easier to navigate the settings of the app then it was before. 

Of course this is a staged rollout so you might not have the update just yet. But with a little patience you will have it no time!

Source: Google Play Store

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