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Google Plays Music Has Been Updated With Some Nice Improvements

Google Plays Music Has Been Updated With Some Nice Improvements

Another Google app update for you guys today! This time it’s Google Play Music. Also, this isn’t your regular bug-squashing update, this update brings with it a couple of nice little improvements. 

The first thing you’ll probably notice is that the navigation menu that you pull out from the left now extends all the way up into the notification bar, whereas before it didn’t. On top of that, album artwork will also reach up into the notification bar now, making things look a lot better. 

This isn’t that big of a change but it has definitely been a pain point of the Google Play Music app for awhile now, and now it’s fixed. Before the update, when you tapped on the search button it will pull open search but not the keyboard. You would then have to tap the search bar to pull open the keyboard. Now, when you initially tap the search button it will also pull open the keyboard. This saves you from having to use an extra tap to search for something. 

Last but not least is something interesting that we took notice off in the updated app, the lack of mention of the phrase “All Access.” In most places you will now see “Google Play Music Unlimited” in its place. This adds more evidence to the rumor that Google will be changing branding for their music subscription service. 

Source: Google Play Store

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