Verizon Launches The Nexus 6 And Second Gen Moto E LTE On Their Network

Verizon has been holding off their Nexus 6 launch for months now, but today it’s finally available. Google’s monster phone is available in it’s midnight blue, 32GB variant through the Big Red for $249 on a 2-year contract. On the 24-month Verizon Edge payment plan, you’ll be paying $27.08 per month. The phone comes out of the box with Android 5.1 and Verizon’s Advanced Calling 1.0 (VoLTE). In you buy before the 31st of this month, a free 6-month subscription to Google Play Music All Access will be thrown in.

Along side a giant flagship, Verizon is launching a mini powerhouse, the second gen Moto E. This little phone blew a lot of us away and now Verizon has the phone on their network. The second gen Moto E is available on Verizon for $99 in their prepaid family without any contract. 

Source: Verizon (Nexus 6), Verizon (Moto E)

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