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Amazon Puts The Fire TV Stick Up In The UK And Germany For Pre-Order

Amazon Puts The Fire TV Stick Up In The UK And Germany For Pre-Order

After several months of waiting, Amazon has announced the launch of their Fire TV Stick here in the UK and Germany.  Set for release on the 15th of April, with a retail price of £35 or 39 Euros, those that have been waiting for the release of this do not have much longer to go.

To celebrate the launch Amazon are offering current Prime Members the opportunity to grab one for a reduced price of £19/19 Euros. Those wishing to take advantage of this deal have until Thurday, 26th March 2015 at 8:00 am (GMT) before the price goes back up.

If you are not yet an Amazon Prime Member and have been waiting for the right time to take the plunge how does £7/7 Euros for a Fire TV Stick sound to you? If you sign up before the 2 day promotion ends, Thursday 26th March at 8:00 am, Amazon will refund you £12/7 Euros of the cost of your Fire TV Stick, effectively making it £7/7 Euros.

At these prices why would you not want to grab one. After spending the last couple of months using the bigger Fire TV there really are great devices for those that are Amazon Prime members and are looking for ways to get more our of their membership.

Pre-order the Amazon Fire TV Stick: Amazon UK, Amazon Germany

Source: Amazon Developer


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