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Todoist Introduces Todoist 10 For iOS – Brings New Features And Improved Interface

Todoist Introduces Todoist 10 For iOS – Brings New Features And Improved Interface

Todoist has quickly become my favorite task management app available right now. It’s interface is awesome, the features are great, and I love using it to collaborate with my team members here at iTechTriad. Today the team behind the app has made a big announcement, the latest update to their iOS app!

Todoist Version 10 for iOS refines the interface that helps you add, complete, and interact with tasks more quickly and with ease. The team at Todoist took the time to see just how their users interacted and setup tasks and used that information to design the new interface and create new features.

Now of course a new design is great, but what about new features? Luckily, Todoist v10 has those as well.

The first of these features is intelligent input which allows users to not only create a task, but set reminders and labels all from the task field. Writing out your sentence properly will allow the app to identify reminders and labels and it will immediately set up the task accordingly. Almost any combination of details can be placed into Todoist and the app will most likely know exactly what to do with it. This even works in 14 different languages including Chinese!

You can also now use gestures to create new tasks and subtasks. Quickly hit the red button on the bottom right of the screen to quickly add a task and drag two tasks apart to create a subtask between them.


This update also adds the ability to update multiple tasks at once. You can complete multiple tasks at a time, change multiple due dates, updating priority status and more.

One other new feature is customizeable themes. There are ten colors options for the themes which you can change whenever you want.

There’s a lot more in this update as well which you can check out at the source link below. The update is now live on the App Store. The new features introduced in this update should begin rolling out to Windows, Mac, and web users soon. Android users will also get these new features along with their Material Design update which is coming soon.

To celebrate the release, Todoist is also giving away a brand new iPhone 6 and a brand new Apple Watch! You can choose the color of iPhone 6 you would like as well. The contest runs until April 14th. You can enter at the source link below.

Source: Todoist

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