Sales Of The Lumia 1520 Cease As Windows Phone Says Goodbye To Another Flagship

As a platform, Windows Phone hasn’t been getting the hardware attention it deserves. As time goes on we see less and less devices with top-shelf specs as OEMs put the focus on lower end hardware running Windows Phone since that’s what customers seem to gravitate to. But what does a Windows Phone fan who wants a top spec phone do?

2014 saw the release of the Lumia 930 and HTC One M8 w/ Windows as the top specced Windows Phone handsets, but that’s all we ended up seeing. However both those phones are relatively small and the only option for a larger Windows Phone was the Lumia 1520. The phone remains one of the top devices when it comes to specs, but now it’s no longer for sale.

The Lumia 1520 launched in October of 2013 but now it’s no longer available from Microsoft or AT&T. Now it’s disappearance leaves a phablet-sized hole in the Windows Phone lineup that I’m not sure we’ll ever see filled. Hopefully we’ll see a new Windows Phone phablet, but at this point we’re just not sure.

Via: Windows Central
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