Google Play Services 7.3 Allows You To Dismiss The Android Wear Persistent Notification

Google Play Services is Google’s easy way of making big changes without a system update and in it’s latest version, we’ve seen some big changes. If you don’t yet have this version, you will be able to download it at the link below.

  • Trusted Places Gets A New UI

Smart lock is one of my favorite features on Lollipop and Trusted Places is a huge and awesome part of it. In Play Services 7.3 this feature gets a new design for the UI that’s much easier to use. Instead of a simple text field to enter your address, you get a nice map to visually notice where the trusted place is.

  • Android Wear Persistent Notification Is Now Dismissable

A huge benefit for Android Wear users is that now that persistent notification is dismissable. Previously this notification was always at the bottom of the notification bar and honestly got pretty annoying sometimes. Thankfully we can finally remove this notification when we don’t want it. The notification does come back however when the connection status changes, but you can simply remove it.

Download Google Play Services 7.3 On APKMirror

Via: Android Police
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