NVIDIA already had every Android gamer drooling when they announced the NVIDIA SHIELD TV console, but now they’ve outdone themselves. Without a formal announcement, the company has put up a new variant of the SHIELD on their website. It’s costs $100 more than the base model, but gives you over 30x the storage.

That’s right, NVIDIA will be offering a second version of the SHIELD which will have a whopping 500GB of internal storage. That’s an incredible amount of extra space for games and apps. In fact, that’s probably more storage than the entire catalog of Android TV apps and games right now. Hardcore users should easily be able to fill it up however with NVIDIA’s downloadable games that will launch with the console (Portal, etc). Oh, and last but not least, this model only costs $299. Considering the base 16GB model is $199, that’s a mind-boggling price for all that extra storage.


The SHIELD should be available as soon as May and packs NVIDIA’s latest processing package, the Tegra X1 chipset.

UPDATE: This model is not for consumers. NVIDIA is launching this product for SHIELD partners only. As of now, this will not be available to consumers. Guess it was too good to be true…

A SHIELD partner development kit was erroneously listed on our website today as a product. For clarification, NVIDIA has not launched a 500 GB SKU for SHIELD. The website has been updated with our announced SHIELD product, available soon at $199.99. – Nvidia

Source: NVIDIA

Hat tip to Renaud!