[DEAL ALERT] ASUS Chromebox Bundle With Intel i3 For $259

Chromebooks are most popular for their low cost, but for the Chrome OS power user, generally more power is something desired. There are many options available for those users, but today we’ve got something awesome. A powerful Chromebox near the cost of a budget Chromebox.

Amazon currently has the i3-powered ASUS Chromebox on sale for just $259 with an included mouse and keyboard. The keyboard and mouse are wireless with the keyboard connecting over Bluetooth and the mouse through a USB dongle. This machine brings an Intel i3 processor clocked at 1.7GHz , 4GB of RAM, and a 16GB SSD. This is a completely brand new unit that usually sells for $400. Obviously, this is a deal any hardcore Chrome OS user or enthusiast will want to take quick advantage of.

The bundle includes a mouse and keyboard.

The bundle includes a mouse and keyboard.

It’s worth nothing that ASUS ran a similar deal not long ago that involved an $80 rebate via Visa gift card, but this deal does not require that. If you recently purchased on of these on Amazon just before this deal went live, you can sign up for a rebate for the $80 off.

Source: Amazon Via: +Brent Sullivan
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