Limited Edition Nexus 6 “Google X” Edition dbrand Skin Giveaway

In celebration of hitting 5,000 subscribers, we’re doing a lot of giveaways. To check out the rest, click here. On this page you’ll be able to enter to win a Limited Edition “Google X” Edition dbrand skin for the Nexus 6. This giveaway is open to everyone, everywhere. Enter using the Rafflecopter widget below!

Ensure you comment below on which color option you would like, matte white or matte black.

Open from May 11th, 2015 to May 31st, 2015

a Rafflecopter giveaway

  • Dinsan

    Count me in!!!! 🙂

  • Kyle Owens

    Matte Black PLEASE!!!

  • sraj49

    I would love to have Matte White please. Thanks

  • Van Walker

    Matte black please.

  • getalife

    Matte Black 😀

  • Josh Noel

    So nice. I love them

  • Ling Cheung

    Matte white is the one I want.

  • Fay Yeung

    Matte white

  • Zak Meyer

    matte white please

  • WinDroidGuy

    Matte Black

  • Thank you for this contest itechtriad and dBrands and I would love to win a matte black.

  • erikbirk


  • Hieu Hoang Trong

    Matte Black

  • Marc Young

    Matte Black

  • Max Lee

    Always bet on black. Matte Black that is

  • Lee Brewer

    Matte Black please.

  • Mario I. Peña

    Matte Black please!!!

  • Francis Scardino

    Matte Black fo sho. Dig it.

  • Philip Wingfield

    Matte Black would be amazing!

  • Jan Peterson

    Definitely the black.

  • Sandy Foster

    I would love to have the white Nexus 6!

  • tweetyscute

    I would love the Matte Black

  • estereoj

    I would love the WHite one

  • Laleña Janke

    Matte black

  • Nikki

    Matte White

  • Austin Baroudi

    Matte White!

  • Sudeep Baral

    Matte black

  • Sachin Mistry

    Matt black please

  • BillJude56

    Matte black for me. Thanks!

  • Kyle Laubscher

    Matte Black

  • Travis Faulkner

    Does it come in black?

    I fear you might not understand that I know it comes in black. Its a Batman quote.

  • Benjy Bell

    Matte White please!

  • henry joel

    I would like to get the matte white one please.

  • Suleiman Suleiman

    I would love a Matte White one!

  • Mohnish Daryanani

    The matte black one would be awesome!

  • John Dorado

    Matte Black please!

  • Mdt Mdtrt

    Matte Black <3

  • umar01

    White please if i win hopefully i do plus your videos are great im gonna like them all now

  • James C Torgerson

    Matte black! Please!

  • Collin Z

    Matte Black would be awesome!

  • Aman kumar

    I want matte white

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