Sources Indicate That AT&T Is Moving Away From Contracts Starting June 1st

According to sources familiar with Droid Life, AT&T is planning to move away from two-year contracts starting on June 1st. They will instead push their customers to use AT&T Next, their monthly installment plan.

Starting June 1st AT&T will allegedly no longer offer 2-year contracts, at least up front. At Local Dealer and National Retail Locations your options to upgrade to a new phone will be presented as only the AT&T Next program. AT&T feels that at this time AT&T Next and it’s installment plans “align with what customers want”. They also believe that Next provides additional savings when added to Mobile Share Value plans.

If you don’t want to use AT&T Next, you’ll still be able to use 2-year agreements however. At company owned retail locations and through you’ll be able to sign up for 2-year agreements as normal (although they likely won’t be advertised or featured). Through Local Dealer Locations you’ll be able to sign up, but you’ll have to wait a few days to get your device. If you sign up for a 2-year agreement there the store will have to place an order for the device and wait for it to arrive after that.

Source: Droid Life
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