How To Reduce Memory Use On Google Chrome With One Simple Extension

Google Chrome is the browser choice of many, but it has one flaw that outweighs any other, it’s memory management. If you leave Chrome open for an extended period of time, the browser seemingly eats RAM no matter how much you have, but it turns out, it’s not that hard to fix. Thanks to a new extension, it’s easier than ever to reduce memory use on Google Chrome.

The Great Suspender”fixes a problem that quite literally every single Chrome user has encountered at some point or another. By suspending tabs that are not actively being used, the extension stops Chrome from using up all your RAM.


The extension allows you to put tabs “to sleep” after any time period between 20 seconds and 3 days. Then when you want to come back to those tabs, they will be there waiting for you, but they won’t be taking up your computer’s RAM the whole time. When a tab does get put to sleep, it will have a blue message on them saying “tab suspended, click to reload”. A simple click will bring those pages back to activity.

When tabs are suspended, they can easily be re-enabled on this screen.

When tabs are suspended, they can easily be re-enabled on this screen.

If there are certain pages that you don’t want this to occur to, you can add them to a whitelist and that will prevent them from ever being suspended. You can also choose if you’d like tabs suspended when on battery, or only when connected to the Internet.


The Great Suspender is available in the Chrome Web Store for free. Check it out.

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