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The First Thing You Should Change On The LG G4

The First Thing You Should Change On The LG G4

Since the day when reviewers got their hands on the LG G4, many have complained about the settings. The organization could be improved and scrolling text on one of the tabs is just unacceptable.

This is a crime in 2015. Do. Not. Scoll.

This is a crime in 2015. Do. Not. Scoll.

So how can it be improved? It’s actually much easier then you think.

To fix this, head into your settings menu and take the time to scold LG once more for setting this scrolling action by default, then head to the overflow menu. You can access it by either hitting the 3 dots in the top corner or long pressing on the recent apps button.

After that, select “list view”.

That’s it. A simple and easy way to vastly improve your experience on the LG G4.

Isn't that better?

Isn’t that better?

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