YouTube Adds New Creator Credits Feature – Collaborations Should Be Easier Than Ever

YouTube collaborations are something almost every creator tries to do at some point or another and one of the biggest reasons is to help each other grow and get more exposure. Sometimes collaborations can be with the person on camera next to you, as an actor for you, or even as a behind the scenes writer or director. There are a lot of roles behind a video production and now YouTube is making it easier than ever to give credit.

“Creator Credits” is a feature that allows you to assign a YouTube channel’s URL as a role on a video. This makes an easy way to give credit for that person being in your video and giving them a bit of publicity on their own channel.

You can give credits for any of the following roles:

  • Actor
  • Animator
  • Choreographer
  • Collaborator
  • Dancer
  • Director
  • Editor
  • Executive Producer
  • Extra
  • Lighting
  • Makeup Artist
  • Music
  • Producer
  • Set designer
  • Sound designer
  • Writer

To assign a channel to a role, simply scroll down the list, pick one you want, and enter in their channel URL or username when prompted. Once applied the credit will show next to the role at the bottom of your credits. Users will need to click “Show More” to see it. You can hover over that credit to learn more about the channel or click it to visit the channel.

An example of what credits will look like.

An example of what credits will look like.

For the time being this feature is only available to creators with over 5,000 subscribers however you can credit any channel you would like. How will you use this feature?

Source: YouTube
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