Android M Confirmed To Come This Year – Yearly Releases From This Point Forward

We’ve known for a few weeks that we would probably see Android “M” at Google I/O 2015 but now we’ve got further confirmation. Hiroshi Lockheimer, a Google employee, revealed in an interview that we would definitely see Android M this year. He also confirmed a previously unknown detail, we’ll get a new Android release every year.

During his interview with Fast Company Lockheimer confirmed that “this year we’ll see M” and that Google has moved to a “yearly cadence of big releases”. He went even further to state that you “can predict what will happen next year”. Essentially that means 2016 will bring Android N and 2017 will bring Android O (probably Oreo, how could it not right?) and so on and so forth.

Aside from that nothing else worth noting was revealed in the interview. It’s interesting to know that we should now expect a major Android release each and every year just like we do with Apple’s iOS. Is that something you think is for the best, would you prefer the previous system? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Fast Company
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