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Firefox For iOS Is Nearly Ready For Beta Testing

Firefox For iOS Is Nearly Ready For Beta Testing

Mozilla has recently revealed that they are about to conduct a “limited” beta test of their browser, Firefox, for iOS. They say that they have already posted source code for those early testers. They mention that they wish they could have an open beta test for anyone who would like to try it out and contribute feedback, but due to Apple’s current testing setup, it’s not possible.

It’s likely now that the public release for Firefox for iOS is right around the corner and we’ll be glad to see it launch. If you’re not a fan of current iOS browsers, this should provide a great alternative to Chrome and Safari when it does release.

Press Release

MOZILLA – We want to bring Firefox to every language, platform and device possible. Although we can’t bring the full Firefox experience and rendering engine to iOS due to the restrictions, we saw an opportunity with the latest improvements and tools in iOS 8 to begin development of a Firefox experience for iOS.

The Firefox team has been working hard on development of this new browser over the past few months. We are sharing source code in Github for the brave early testers and are also preparing for a limited Firefox for iOS Beta soon. Of course, we would prefer to have a large, open beta, but we must work through the required development and release process to get a Firefox app tested on iOS to get it ready to share with the world.

We’ll post more updates here as Firefox for iOS develops.

Source: Mozilla

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