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Razer Opens Pre-Orders For A Mousepad That Glows In Over 16 Million Colors

Razer Opens Pre-Orders For A Mousepad That Glows In Over 16 Million Colors

No matter who it is, every true gamer has one thing in common, LEDs. Whether it’s around their desk, on their monitor, or in the PC, there are LEDs somewhere. To capitalize on that obsession, Razer has released many LED lit products ranging from mice, headphones, and obviously keyboards. Their latest product however, the Firefly, brings LEDs to one place we never expected, the mouse pad.

This new mouse pad has LEDs around it’s base that can produce up to 16.8 million different colors. Of course you won’t be able to tell the difference between them all, but the range of color should be plenty for many users.


The colors can be set to glow in patterns, to produce a wave effect, or cycling through the spectrum of colors. If you have Razer products in the Chroma lineup, you can even have the Firefly sync up it’s colors with those.

Now aside from the colors below, the Firefly isn’t your average mousepad. It isn’t a floppy rubber pad you slap down on the desk, but a premium place to use your mouse. With that comes a premium price of $59.99. While that’s without a doubt a premium price for a mousepad, it will add a lot of flare to your gaming/desk setup.

The Firefly is available for pre-order now on Razer’s website today and should begin shipping in June.

Source: Razer

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