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[HYPEBEAST] Android M Is Android Milkshake As Seen On Stage At I/O

[HYPEBEAST] Android M Is Android Milkshake As Seen On Stage At I/O

Today Google finally confirmed Android M and introduces a handful of new useful features and dozens of great improvements. However, just like last year, Google neglected to tell us what the new version will be called. However, it looks like we’ve got confirmation in an insanely clever way.

On the wrist of David Burke, VP of Engineering at Google, we see of course an Android Wear device that appears to be the elusive Huawei Watch. On it’s screen, is none other than our easter egg. A milkshake.


That’s right, it certainly looks like Google is going to be calling Android M, Android Milkshake. It makes sense as it follows their long list of other dessert names. Of course Google could just be messing with our emotions us. What do you think? Android Milkshake?

Thanks David!

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