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Top 5 Things We’re Expecting To See At Google I/O 2015

Top 5 Things We’re Expecting To See At Google I/O 2015

It’s Google I/O 2015 day! This glorious day for all Google fans should bring many announcements regarding Android, Chrome, and several of Google’s services. What should we expect as the event draws close? Here’s 5 things we’re eagerly anticipating for this year’s keynote.

1. Android M

It’s already been confirmed that we will see Android M at Google I/O 2015, so now all we can do is speculate on what we’ll see changed in the latest version of Android. Leaks point towards a native fingerprint sensor API, the ability to deny an app permissions on your device, as well as some enhancements to how Android handles RAM and battery.



Right now Android is in lack of a way to use a fingerprint sensor in it’s stock form, so it will be good for future OEM devices and the next Nexus devices as they will be prime for built in fingerprint sensors. The addition of “app ops” will also be great as right now, if you don’t want an app to access let’s say your camera, there’s no way to do so. With this addition users will be able to make their devices as secure as they feel necessary. While it can create a challenges for developers, it should be interesting to see where this all ends up.

As we all know, Android Lollipop hasn’t been great in terms of general performance for many. The new version alleged has a focus on the way Android handles available RAM and battery life. Those are both things we’ll love to see, if they end up working.

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