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Hands On With IKEA’s Qi Wireless Charging SELJE Nightstand

Hands On With IKEA’s Qi Wireless Charging SELJE Nightstand

One of my absolute favorite features on recent smartphones has been qi wireless charging. Many don’t understand why wireless charging is worth it’s cost, but once you’ve tried it, you’ll never want to go back. Up until now wireless charging has gone from docks and pads to car chargers and more. For the most part, those docks and pads don’t look too great around the house. Some do, but not all. There have been attempts before to hide wireless chargers inside furniture, but they aren’t all that great or cost effective. However everyone’s favorite Sweden furniture maker has created a new inexpensive nightstand option with built in Qi wireless charging.

Months ago when these products were announced, I got excited. They looked good and the prices were pretty reasonable. After a few months of waiting, I’ve finally gotten my hands on one of the products. The SELJE nightstand is a $59 nightstand that is built to include their MORIK qi wireless charging puck.

SELJE top and MORIK charging puck pre-installation

SELJE top and MORIK charging puck pre-installation

The nightstand itself is actually quite nice. It’s build out of aluminum and has a matte white coating while looks nice. Personally I’m not the biggest fan of aluminum furniture, but I won’t complain here. Constructing the nightstand is fairly easy, especially if you’re familiar with building IKEA furniture. The size is also pretty nice. It gives me plenty of room on the top to place my phone, a charging station, and other small things. The height is also just about perfect for me.

The charger when install on the SELJE

The charger when install on the SELJE

The charger also works well. It charges devices just as quickly as my other wireless chargers. The main complaint for me is the fact that the charging area is quite small, so you need to position your device just right for it to work. I’ve listed how to do it right on a couple of popular devices at the bottom of this article.

Another big pro with this charging setup is that it includes a 2.0A full size USB port inside the drawer which allows you to charge another device that doesn’t have wireless charging. Thanks to a cutout on the drawer, you can feed the cord to the outside of the nightstand to place that device on top. If this is some you want to take advantage of, I recommend using a short USB cable such as this one on Amazon.

A full size USB port is located in the drawer charging up to 2.0A

A full size USB port is located in the drawer charging up to 2.0A

Easily the biggest pro for me however (you know aside from all the other great stuff) is that the cord for the qi wireless charger is hidden far out of the way. It actually feeds inside the nightstand down through the leg and out the bottom. For me, that’s brilliant design at it’s finest.

So should you get this nightstand? Sure! It’s great and for $59, you’re not going to get a better value for wireless charger considering it’s built into a nightstand. At this time you can not order the nightstand online but it should be available in your local IKEA store. The nightstand has been in Europe for a while however it’s just entered the US within the past couple of weeks so stock could be limited.

How I've got my SELJE setup.

How I’ve got my SELJE set up.

Things You Need To Know About This Nightstand

  • The nightstand and charger are sold in separate parts of the store. The charger (MORIK) is found in the lighting section of the store alongside the other wireless charging products while the nightstand (SELJE) will be found nearby the rest of the furniture.
  • Ensure you buy the version of the SELJE nightstand that has the cutout for the wireless charger. There is a stand version that will not work. Ask an IKEA employee to assist you in finding it if you don’t see the nightstand on the show floor.
  • Make sure you tighten the charger to the nightstand as much as possible (without damaging the screw). If it’s loose, it may slow down charging and make it less reliable.
  • If you own a device such as the iPhone 6 that doesn’t include qi wireless charging you’ll need a case that enables it. IKEA sells case for the iPhone 4/4S, iPhone 5/5S, iPhone 6, Galaxy S4, and Galaxy S6 to accomplish this. They are found alongside the MORIK in the lighting section of the store.

How To Reliably Use This With Popular Phones

  • Samsung Galaxy S6: Center the phone over the charging puck. The center of the phone is the location of the qi charging receiver.
  • Nexus 6: Use the “x” in the Nexus logo to align. That’s the most reliably location to get the charge.
  • Nexus 5: Align the center of the charger between the “e” and the “x” in the Nexus logo.
  • Nexus 7: Align using the “x” in the Nexus logo.
The SELJE and MORIK charging a Samsung Galaxy S6

The SELJE and MORIK charging a Samsung Galaxy S6

Check Out the SELJE Nightstand with Wireless Charging from IKEA

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