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Nintendo NX Console To Be Based On Android?

Nintendo NX Console To Be Based On Android?

Nikkei, a Japanese newspaper is currently making a bold claim regarding Nintendo’s upcoming “Nintendo NX” console. It will be based on Android. That’s right, Google popular mobile OS could be the basis of Nintendo’s next console and that’s a pretty big deal.


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There is no official confirmation or comment on this, but we’ll find out when the console is released in 2017. This report is the first we’ve heard about the operating system on the console.

One of the primary reasons why Nintendo has had poor sales on the Wii U is the lack of major third party titles. Many game developers have chosen not to use the platform and instead put their focus on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. This alleged switch to Android would make development far easier and really open up the way for a limitless amount of content on the console.

What do you think about this move? Would you like it if Nintendo moved their console to Android, or would you rather them stick with their current software? Let us know in the comments.

Via: The News Hub

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