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Fave Four: Top 4 Icon Packs For May 2015

Fave Four: Top 4 Icon Packs For May 2015

Those of you who know me from my days writing for RootzWiki are no doubt well aware that I’m an icon pack junkie connoisseur. Nevertheless, while I have often reviewed icon packs individually, I’ve never actually done a ranking or said that one is better than the others. In a sense, I’m not doing that today either. It was hard enough just to narrow the list down to four featured icon packs, and I’m not about to try to rank them 1-4. There were many deserving icon packs released in the last month or so, but I’ve narrowed it down to my four favorites based on personal preference and originality. In no particular order, they are:

Shadycons (30% off for a limited time, $0.99)

May was certainly a month for original designs, as it seems more designers are bucking the trend to following the most recent fads (*cough cough* long shadows). For example, I submit to you Sketch Designs (known in G+ as Jared Neufeld), creator of Shadycons. Throughout this review, I’m going to describe the icons the way they appear to me, which may or may not be the impression the developer intended. In this case, the bases look like white ceramic bowls and the glyphs appear to be suspended in mid-air above the bowl centers. My personal preference is to deep, vibrant colors and the glyphs certainly satisfy that preference. The “bowl” appearance comes from the shadow effect on the rounded icon borders and the mid-air suspension appearance comes via the same shadow effect being applied to the glyphs.

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Jeff has been an avid Android user since late 2010 (starting with the Samsung Captivate and later the Fascinate). He has been covering Android-related news since early 2012, with a focus on the rooted/development community. He also has been publishing icon packs for Phunktastic Designs since late 2015.


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  1. Jarrod Worlitz (drgroovestarr)

    It is so refreshing to read tech articles that exude excellence. Too many articles include poor grammar and spelling, which is not the case with the author here. Thanks for helping to highlight some great choices!