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Skype Will Crash Repeatedly If Someone Sends You This Message

Skype Will Crash Repeatedly If Someone Sends You This Message

Recently we found out that iOS was vulnerable to a text-string which causes iPhones to restart upon receiving a notification with the text in it. Since then, a new text-string bug has been found, but this time it’s on Skype.

If you are using Skype on any platform, the text string listed below will cause your app to crash, and then continue to crash upon reopening. Unlike the bug on iOS, this text-string is far less obscure. If you type in http://: , the bug will occur. Now this won’t work if it’s a normal URL, only if it’s this part completely on it’s own.

The bug’s direct cause is unknown, but whenever that message in loaded up in the chat history, Skype will crashing. The bug occurs on every platform Skype is available on, except OS X. If this bug happens on your Android or iOS device, it appears there is no way out of the crash loop at this point.

Microsoft did say that they are aware of the issue, Since then they have filtered out the offending characters from chats. They have also released updates that are rolling out now to fix the bug.

Via: VentureBeat

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