Steam Hardware Gets Release Date, Open For Preorder

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Valve’s been in talks for quite a while about the future of PC Gaming in the console space. Valve has worked on its OS and hardware, while PC companies have been busy designing their compact Steam Machines. It seems like forever since its announcement, but now after a couple years and a few revisions later comes Valve’s answer to the living room gaming experience.

Valve’s Steam Hardware will be officially launching on November 10th, but is available to preorder in limited quantities for an October 16th release. This applies to the Steam Controller, the streaming box dubbed Steam Link, and to available Steam machines from Alienware and Syber.


The Steam Controller has gotten a few iterations since the initial announcement, but now we have a look at the final product. The trackpad design is intact, with the left pad having D-Pad-style grooves for feedback. The controller also has an analog stick on the left and the traditional 4-button layout on the right. As expected from modern controllers, two pairs of shoulder buttons are here, with one pair being analog triggers. The controller also has a gyrosensor for motion control.

According to the Steam Page, the only requirement of the Steam Controller is a Steam Machine or other computer capable of running Big Picture Mode. This allows for users to view, edit, save, and share Steam Controller Mappings.

The Steam Controller and Steam Link are priced at $49.99 each, and can be preordered from both Steam and GameStop. Alienware Steam Machines start at $449.00 and can be preordered from GameStop, while Syber Steam Machines start at $499.00 and can be preordered from the company’s website.

Steam Machines

Again, the Steam Controller, Steam Link, and Steam Machines officially release on November 10th, but can be preordered for the chance to get them on October 16th. If you want to get in early, I suggest jumping on it now!

Source: Steam