Android Lollipop Is Finally Coming To The DROID Turbo On June 10th… Probably

The DROID Turbo. It’s been an interesting ride with this phone. Without a doubt it’s one of the best phones you pick up on Verizon, but sadly it’s missing one thing, it still doesn’t have Android Lollipop. Motorola and Verizon both promised that the phone would get that update, but they never confirmed when. Now with another new version on the horizon, it looks like the Turbo is finally about to get it’s coveted update.

Mark your calendars now, June 10th is the date rumored here for this update. Obviously it’s not yet confirmed and the update could be delayed yet again. However after several months, we have to place at least some hope that this comes true. Be sure to hit us up in the comments or on social media if/when you get your update!

Via: AndroidSPIN
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