[DEAL ALERT] Steam Monster Summer Sale Is Here!

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It’s that time of year again for the inevitable Steam Summer Sale, this year dubbed as the Monster Sale. Do you want to get some of the most popular PC games for pennies on the dollar? The Steam Sale is here for you!

For those who don’t know, the Steam Summer Sale occurs annually where virtually everything on the storefront goes on sale. These initial sale prices are then further reduced through the Daily Deals and Flash Sales. As always, it’s best to wait until your game hits one of these discounts first to get the best deal.

Daily Deals

These initial deals will be available for at least the next 24 hours, so you have some time to peruse the digital store at your leisure. Along with your expected price cuts, the initial Deals are pretty good to start. Some of my picks are Valkyria Chronicles for $4.99, Mirror’s Edge for $9.99, Don’t Starve for $3,74, and Fez for $1.99.

This time around, the Steam Community can participate in the Monster Summer Game to unlock more deals. It adds a spin to the method of crafting badges that rewards you with discounts and places milestones for the community to get more deals. Frankly, it’s a bit convoluted for my taste, but I’m sure some will get a kick out of it.

Monster Summer Game

The Steam Monster Summer Sale will be running from June 11th-21st. As always, come back at least once a day to check out new Daily Deals and Flash Sales.

Source: Steam Store