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E3 2015 Press Conference Coverage @ iTechTriad

E3 2015 Press Conference Coverage @ iTechTriad

it’s finally here! Later this evening will be the start of the E3 2015 Press Conferences. This year, I’ll be able to some coverage for you guys, so I’d like to break down what I’ll be hard at work doing for the next few days.

First off, I’ll be live-tweeting the conferences, so you’ll my first-hand impressions right out the gate. You can follow me on Twitter (@mac_wentzLoK) to stay up-to-date. I’ll also be tweeting reminders of when each Press Conference starts so you can catch it yourself.

Throughout the next few days, I’ll be doing write-ups of each of the Press Conferences for your reading pleasure. They will provide a summary of the announcements covered and will include my impressions of them. My goal is to get them published as soon as possible, which may or may not be difficult since these can run anywhere from 1-3 hours.

For post-E3, I’ll be doing a final write up of my full impressions for Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo’s presentations after giving the event time to breathe. You can expect to see these later this month/early next month.

With that, here’s to another E3, and you’ll hear from me next for the Bethesda Press Conference at 10PM EST. In case you missed it, here’s the schedule for E3 2015’s Press Conferences.

E3 2015 Schedule


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