Roy And Ryu Confirmed As Smash Characters (E3 Smash Update)

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It just couldn’t wait, could it? Less then 24 hours before the pre-E3 Smash Special goes live, and we’ve gotten confirmation of what was rumored over two months ago. Nevertheless, now we got the meat of the details on Smash’s upcoming DLC.

RoyFirst and foremost, We’ve got our first in-game footage of both Roy and Ryu. Roy is a returning Smash character from the Fire Emblem series, and was Marth’s clone in both Melee and Brawl. Unlike what we’ve seen so far and from our current experience with returning characters, Roy’ll be seeing some significant changes. His visual resign is more in line with the current Fire Emblem characters, and his gameplay style is quite different for being another Marth clone. While Marth is more powerful using the tip of his sword, Roy does best up-close. Even his Final Smash, Critical Hit, is only effective up close. While I wish some other clones got into this Smash Bros. (Wolf comes to mind), more characters are always good and I remember preferring Roy over Marth back in the day.

RyuRyu seems to be the far more interesting of the two, as you might expect from brand new characters. On the surface, he’s pretty straightforward. His moveset is a great homage to his fighting style in the Street Fighter series. That said, the most interesting mechanic that Ryu has is his alternate control style, which adds modifiers to his attacks and opens his moveset tremendously. For example, Ryu’s B attack is the Hadoken, which can be charged for extra power. However, if you perform the same motion you use the Hadoken in Street Fighter (down, down-forward, forward, B), your Hadoken is more powerful. Ryu’s overall design is tailored to more technical play, making him one of the most unique additions to the game.

These two characters weren’t the only reveals, as we got more info on stages, Mii Fighter costumes, and upcoming amiibo. Originally teased back before was the Miiverse Stage, and now it’s finally being released as a free stage. Now on the Smash Bros. Miiverse page, there are select fighter categories where people can post Miiverse art specific to that character. As you play with these characters, Miiverse posts in that category will pop up.


We also see a return of Dream Land from the original Smash Bros., faithfully depicted like Donkey Kong Jungle before it. We were also teased with 2 more original stages coming back in the future, and they are Hyrule Castle and Peach’s Castle. In addition, Ryu will be getting his own stage in the form of Suzaku Castle.

Another wave of Mii Fighter costumes are available as well. They are, Megaman.EXE, Zero, Heihachi, Isabelle, Inkling Girl and Boy, Squid Cap, Jacky Bryant, and Akira.

Final AmiiboLastly, the final Smash Bros. amiibo were unveiled, and we’ll be closing out with R.O.B, Duck Hunt, Game & Watch, and Falco. The Game & Watch amiibo will also feature different poses that can be slotted into the stand. These do not currently have a release date, but they should be out by the end of the year. In addition, it is confirmed that Mewtwo, Lucas, Roy, and Ryu will be getting amiibo of their own.

All of the DLC shown today is available now! As for pricing, it is as follows. All of the Mii Fighter costumes are $.75 each for either 3DS or Wii U, or $1.15 each for both. They are also available in a bundle for $6.00 for each version and $9.20 for both. The Dream Land Stage is $1.99 for each version or $2.99 for both. Lucas and Roy are $3.99 for each version or $4.99 for both. Ryu with the Suzaku Castle Stage is $5.99 for each version or $6.99 for both.

Available Now

It looks like the content will just keep coming for Smash Bros. In line with the thought that Ryu has been in development since before the Smash Ballot started, we still don’t know who is being looked at for the future roster. Maybe that’s something we’ll see during the Digital Event, but we’ll have to wait ’till Tuesday for that.

Source: Nintendo