[DEAL ALERT] Brand New Nexus 6 On eBay For $440

If you’re in the market for a Nexus 6, there are several deals going on right now. Primarily Google themselves slashing $150 off the price of the phone for father’s day. However if you’re looking to save an extra few bucks, eBay has quite the deal for you.

You can currently get a brand new 32GB Midnight Blue Nexus 6 from eBay for a mere $439.99. That’s a savings of over $200 off the retail price. It’s rare you’ll ever see a deal this good on a Nexus 6 in general, nonetheless a brand new one.


The deal gets even sweeter when you consider that US buyers get free shipping and no sales tax at checkout, unless you live in Illinois. Unfortunately this seller is not shipping outside the US. If you’re interested in the deal, be sure to act fast! There’s no telling how long it will last.

Source: eBay
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