dbrand Introduces Bamboo Skins To Their Lineup – All Skins 25% Off To Celebrate

Ever since the release of the original Moto X, wood has been a hot point of any smartphone. To join the party, OnePlus stepped in with a bamboo back for the OnePlus One. There was high demand and the design caught the interest of many users. However it was hard to come by and now it’s not even made anymore. So what to do if your phone doesn’t have bamboo, but you love the design? Well, starting today dbrand has you covered (pun very intended).

In their continued partnership with 3M, dbrand has today started selling a new bamboo skin for every device in their lineup. While the skins are still just vinyl, they do create a texture and look that is very close to authentic bamboo. There is no extra charge for the skins and you can head over to the dbrand website now to pick one up.

To celebrate this new skin, dbrand has marked down every item in their portfolio by 25% all day long. There is no coupon required, everything is already priced down before you check out. Simply pick the skins you want and buy! Below is a gallery of devices with the bamboo skin applied. You can head over to dbrand.com to pick out your skin.

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