Samsung Users, That Chip In Your Phone Is Not Uploading Your Data Without Permission, It’s Just NFC

If you’re an active Facebook user, you’ve like heard about a viral video that going around encouraging Samsung users to remove a chip found on their batteries. The video tells users that this chip is secretly uploading their data to the internet without permission. However, it’s totally fake.

That chip is simply for NFC. Not familiar with it? NFC is a method of transferring data between two chips when tapped together. For example, two Android users can use NFC to transfer an image or to send a link by tapping their phones together. NFC is also used for mobile payments at locations such as McDonald’s and more.

The video was made by a user in Pakistan and there have been numerous reports of users in that country removing the chips in their phones. Unfortunately though there have been many in other countries including the US who have done this. So please, do not remove this chip. The chip is not dangerous and in fact you may end up doing damage to your battery by doing this.

Source: Facebook Via: +Koushik Dutta
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