Your Qi Wireless Charger May Soon Be Able To Charge Your Phone As Quick As A Fast Charger

Have you ever tried wireless charging? If so, there’s three reasons why you haven’t. 1) It’s not available for your device. 2) It’s too expensive. 3) It’s not fast enough. As for that last one, it’s true, wireless charging has never been fast. What takes minutes on a good wired charger could take twice as long on a wireless charger and that’s a bit disappointing. Recently fast chargers have become all the rave allowing devices to get hours worth of power in just mere minutes. However, that’s changing.

An update to the Qi wireless charging spec from the Wireless Power Consortium has made some major improvements to the technology and the best part is, you won’t even need a new wireless charger. Qi chargers will soon be able to utilize 15W charging speeds with compatible devices. There are many devices that already support this speed (Quick Charge 2.0 as it’s more commonly known) including the Nexus 6 and Galaxy S6. However the wireless charging components inside won’t work with this update spec. Odds are this is a feature you’ll see in the successors to those devices.

So, with wireless charging about to be as fast as a standard wire, is this finally something you’ll take advantage of? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: WPC
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