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Samsung Just Made A Big Jump Forward In Battery Technology

Samsung Just Made A Big Jump Forward In Battery Technology

Our phones keep getting better and better. Faster processors, better screens, incredible cameras, and much more. But our batteries remain essentially the same. We still use the same technology in our batteries as we did several years ago, and it hasn’t really gotten any better. However new research from Samsung has revealed a breakthrough in battery technology that could give us far better battery life in the future.

This new breakthrough uses a material known as graphene. Graphene is a conductive material that is super thin. In fact, super thin is an understatement. Graphene is actually so thin that it’s considered two dimensional. So how does this help improve our battery life? Essentially Samsung wants to use it to combine with the lithium battery. Thanks to graphene’s layered structure, this could mean up to 1.5-1.8 times the current life of a battery.

Samsung’s report states that this technology could be used not only in portable electronics, but also electric cars and more. The potential is huge with this technology.

As with anything groundbreaking though, this tech might not see the light of day for a few years. Right now it’s still in Samsung’s research labs and it’s likely to stay that way for a while. Until it finally hits devices, we’ll just have to stick with what we have.

Via: TechnoBuffalo

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