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Google Wants To Help You Avoid Clicking Annoying Ads By Mistake

Google Wants To Help You Avoid Clicking Annoying Ads By Mistake

We’ve all been there. We just downloaded this new game from the Play Store that has ads in it. Some developers try to keep those ads from ruining the experience, but other couldn’t care less. Those ads pop up on screen and a good amount of the time, they’re hard to close without mistakenly clicking on them. Accidental clicks are annoying for us as the user, but they’re also not great for the advertisers as they tend to lead to lower conversion rates and a lot of wasted cash. Google wants to fix that, and they’ve implemented some changes to AdWords ads to prevent accidental clicks. Here’s what’s been changed.

  • Clicks that occur near the edge of a display ad will not be recognized
  • Clicks will not be recognized for a short time after an ad first appears
  • Ads for applications will not require precision to hit the close button
  • App icons in ads for applications will act as a close button

All of these are fairly minor changes, but in the end they’re going to end up saving users a ton of accidental clicks. Let us know if you’ve started noticing the changes!

Source: AdWords

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