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Lenovo C40 Review – A Solid All-In-One Windows Option

Lenovo C40 Review – A Solid All-In-One Windows Option

In my household, desktop computers aren’t seen all that often. My younger brother has one, and I use a Chromebox at my desk. Aside from that, it’s all laptops. However when Lenovo asked me to check out their all-in-one option, the Lenovo C40, I jumped at the chance. This 21″ inch computer had a lot of promise, and for the most part, it delivered.


  • 21.5″ Inch 1080p Touchscreen Display
  • AMD A6-6310 Processor
  • 8GB RAM
  • 1TB HDD (7200 RPM)
  • Windows 8.1


Pulling the Lenovo C40 out of it’s package reveals a well-built machine that is clearly designed to save space. The design is similar to that of an Apple iMac. First and foremost you have the 21.5″ inch touchscreen (more on that later) with a large front facing speaker below. Around the sides is an array of ports and buttons. On the back is the mounting mechanism (for the included mount), a removable back which allows for access to the components, and a few more ports.

The Lenovo C40 on my personal desk setup

The Lenovo C40 on my personal desk setup

The design is overall pleasing and it fits well on almost any desk. The including mount unfortunately isn’t adjustable, so you’ll either need to hope it’s at the right height for you, or you’ll need to make changes to your desk setup. For myself personally I put the C40 on top of my monitor stand and tilted the display downward and things worked out well. The stand itself is very sturdy and surprisingly easy to assemble.


Out of the box the C40 runs Windows 8.1, but it should be upgradable to Windows 10 upon it’s release. Performance on the machine is stellar. There’s little sign of lag when multitasking. One annoyance I had was that the machine seemed to drop some frames and lag a bit when using the Google Chrome browser. However playing games like Minecraft are a breeze. Whether it’s for casual family use or some light gaming, the Lenovo C40 should prove up to the task.



The Lenovo C40 has a large 21.5″ inch 1080p IPS display. Overall, it’s a very enjoyable display. It has good color reproduction, solid viewing angles, and a good amount of brightness. The touch screen is very responsive as well. However it’s one major flaw is that it’s a glossy screen. For myself personally, this is a big problem as glare from the window or lights can be a huge distraction when using the machine. It’s not the end of the world, but I would have highly preferred a matte display any day.



One major highlight of the Lenovo C40 for me was the speakers. Sitting underneath the display, the C40 packs a large speaker that’s capable of clear and crisp sound, but the key for me was the volume. The volume levels the C40 is capable of is nothing short of impressive. The sound easily fills a room, if not a small home. At higher volumes things become a bit distorted, but if you plan on using the speakers simply while sitting at the desk, you’ll never go over 40%. I used the machine quite a lot simply to play some music while I worked in my room on a video or cleaning. It’s one major highlight of the machine for me.


Keyboard & Mouse

Included in the box with the C40 is a wired USB keyboard and USB mouse. Let me keep this short and sweet. You’ll definitely want to pick up a different keyboard with this machine. The mouse is decent (although I wish it were wireless), but the keyboard isn’t all that great. The buttons response is OK, but the layout of the keyboard is awkward to use. It was hard for me not to switch back to my personal keyboard while reviewing this device.


Final Thoughts

In the end, the Lenovo C40 packs a pretty good overall experience, but with one major flaw. For me, that major flaw is the glossy display. It was definitely the biggest downside of the device. If you can overlook this, I think you’ll be very pleased with the Lenovo C40.

The Lenovo C40 is available in the United States at Best Buy or Amazon (links below). In other countries, you’ll need to check availability on Lenovo’s website. Retail pricing falls just short of $600, but at the time of publishing this review Amazon has the C40 on sale for just $499. If you ask me, that’s a pretty good bang for your buck. Less powerful models are also available for around $400.

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