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TYLT Ribbn Car Charger Review

TYLT Ribbn Car Charger Review

Whether it’s for navigation, phone calls, or streaming music, your phone can be very useful in the car (just no texting OK?). However all three of those tasks have a tendency to drain your battery, quick. What to do? The answer is obvious, a car charger. There are thousands of options out there to choose from. One I’ve been testing lately is a new option from TYLT. The Ribbn is a car charger designed for simplicity, portability, and speed. Let’s take a look.


The TYLT Ribbn has a simple design. A car adapter to plug into your car’s power port and a 3ft long cable to plug into your device. The cable is attached to the car adapter and has a flat design to prevent it from becoming tangled. The cable is also soft to the touch. There are four options available, black (as pictured), red, yellow, and blue. I’ve always been a fan of how TYLT designs their products with the bold colors and unique shapes, and the Ribbn is no exception to that.

The Ribbn is capable of delivering a charge as high as 4.8 amp. That allows for rapid charging of your smartphone as well as your tablet. Thanks to a second USB on the car adapter, the Ribbn can charge any device via it’s external USB cable.


As far as real world use goes, the TYLT Ribbn performs excellent. It charges my Nexus 6 very quickly. I can get back quite a bit of battery while on a trip from work back home. Most importantly streaming music, running navigation and having the display on all at once doesn’t let the charge decline. Even under all that power usage, the Ribbn still gives a fast charge.

So that’s the good, what about the bad? There’s not too much. First of all, the Ribben gets dirty easily. If the cord hits the ground and it gets stepped on, dirt shows very easily and it’s not too easily to get cleaned off. That’s mostly due to the soft touch material. The other main downside is the price.


The TYLT Ribbn comes in at a whopping $39.99, and that’s just for the microUSB model. You’ll have to add another $10 ($49.99) for the Lightning cable model. As I said early, there are thousands of other options available for just a fraction of that cost. So is the TYLT Ribbn worth it? Let me put it this way, with the Ribbn you’re getting a great looking design, awesome build quality, and a super fast charge. If you feel TYLT’s pricing is worth that, than the Ribbn is for you. However if you cringed at the price earlier, you might want to aim for something a bit cheaper. You can pick up the TYLT Ribbn on TYLT’s website at the link below.

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