Track The Value Of Your Device Using The New Swappa Price App

1 min read

Swappa has slowly become the go to website for reselling smartphones and tablets. The website provides a great experience and you can almost always trust what you’re buying. One of the most powerful tools on Swappa is their pricing info. Swappa constantly tracks what the average prices are for a given device and gives you a history of that. It’s very helpful when selling a device. Today the company has brought that functionality to you device with their new Swappa Price app.

With just a few taps, you can see your device and see what it’s worth right now, and what’s it’s previously sold for. You can find your device by breaking things down by carrier or OEM. The app will even show you your device as soon as you open the app.

Unfortunately this app is only for price checking at the moment. If you want to buy or sell anything, you’ll need to use the website. However this tool will be very useful for checking prices on the go. Not to mention, the app’s design is awesome. You can download Swappa Price at the link below. What do you think about the app? Is it something you’d find yourself using?

Swappa Price (Playboard) | Swappa Price (Play Store)