Pebble Time Skins From dbrand Now Available Starting At $2

1 min read

Just got yourself a new Pebble Time? Time to customize your latest wearable in the fashion of your choice using dbrand skins. Using these modular vinyl skins, you can customize your Pebble Time in a way past just swapping the band or changing the watchface.

dbrand’s skin offerings for the Pebble Time break down into three sections. The outer bezel, the inner bezel, and the buttons. You can pick a different skin material and color for each of the three including matte, carbon fiber, leather, wood, or metallic finishes. There are many colors to choose from and there’s something for everybody.

Pricing on these skins is very reasonable coming in at just $2 for each of the bezels, and $1 for the buttons. A full set of skins for the watch will run you $5 (plus $3 for shipping). Below is the setup we’d use, what about you?


Source: dbrand