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Fave Five: Top 5 Icon Packs for June 2015

Fave Five: Top 5 Icon Packs for June 2015

June was another great month for icon packs, though not quite on May’s epic level in my opinion. In addition to featuring five icon packs as opposed to May’s four, I have included three honorable mentions, each of which could easily have made the Top 5 if the list weren’t so crowded.


There were tons of icon packs inspired by Google’s Material Design guidelines, although few of them actually adhered to all of the guidelines (nor should they have to in my opinion – they’re called “guidelines” for a reason). Two of my Fave Five for June have “Material” in the name and two more are more loosely inspired by Material Design. Additionally, there were literally scores of Material Design-inspired icon packs released in June that didn’t make my list.

The only problem with this is many of them look very similar to Google’s stock Lollipop icons and thus very similar to each other. Furthermore, designers whose Material Design-inspired icon packs resemble stock icons too closely might find their apps victim to Google’s legendary takedowns. I encourage you icon pack developers out there to be more liberal and unique in your interpretations of Material Design if you decide you simply must follow this trend.

Without further ado…

Marvak by Samer Zayer ($1.10)

Marvak logo

Marvak is available for $1.10 in the Play Store.

Marvak was teased in May but wasn’t actually released until early June. I was looking forward to this pack for quite a while, and this was the only Fave Five icon pack I bought before June 19 (though I had also bought one of the honorable mention ones). Samer Zayer is one of my favorite designers, so I highly recommend you check out his other packs.

This is the one icon pack I bought in June that didn’t follow the trend to Material Design. The circular bases are vividly colored, with a texture that resembles a canvas with splotches of paint on it. Most, but not all, of the glyphs are solid white in color. Long shadows are applied, but are harder to see on the icons without the solid white glyphs (most of these non-white glyphs have dark grey bases).


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