If There Are Two Nexus Devices This Year, Which Would You Get And Why?

Nexus season is coming and rumors are flying left and right. The most common and reputable rumors so far however have been this. We’ll see two Nexus phones, and no tablet. The first of the phones will be a 5.2″ inch “2015 Nexus 5” from LG. The second would be a 5.7″ inch Nexus made by Huawei. Personally, I’d be ecstatic if this happened. However, which is the one to get?

Looking at the rumored specifications, the LG-made Nexus would be a slightly lower end model that would hopefully have a smaller price tag. However the Huawei Nexus would be the higher end model with slightly more to offer as far as hardware is concerned.

The question remains, which of these two would you get? Vote on the poll below and tell us why you’d buy it in the comments down below or on social media!

Would you get an LG Nexus, or a Huawei Nexus if they both release this year?

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