This Might Be The Next Motorola DROID

Every year Motorola has 3-4 major releases in terms of smartphones. The Moto X, the Moto G, the Moto E and a new DROID. Their DROID is always exclusive to Verizon Wireless (at least in the United States). With Motorola’s latest announcements right around the corner, we’re slowly starting to see more and more leaks. Today we’ve got our first look at what might be the next DROID.

Carrying over a similar design to previous Moto devices (Moto X, G, E), this new DROID also brings the distinct textured back that we see on DROID phones. This time around we have a diamond/triangle pattern. We also see that this device will bring along the extended camera to dimple strip we’ve been seeing on other Motorola leaks.

This could be the next DROID.

This could be the next DROID.

The design is pretty similar to last’s year’s Moto X. So far we don’t know anything regarding specifications or availability.

Via: +HelloMotoHK
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